Why work with the EVA?

The EV Alliance is all about getting the best sustainable transport outcome for Australia and New Zealand in the quickest time possible. You should work with the EV Alliance because:

We verify our members
​EVA members are bound by a code of conduct to provide products and services that are of a high serviceable quality, great value and fully compliant with local home and workplace safety legislation.

By selecting an EV Alliance member you have the confidence that the solution or product you are selecting and the advice you are receiving is top notch and fit for purpose. 

Unfortunately, when new industries and ideas emerge, so does a ‘Wild West’ element of cheap imports, shonky sellers and unserviceable products. We want to avoid that and create a smooth road to EV transition.
We advocate for EVs
Without agenda or bias we will strive to make sure all corporate and government decisions are in the best interests and the best value for the owners of EVs and EV charging infrastructure.
We provide consultation
Impartial consultation for businesses, councils, corporates, owners corporations, estimators, developers and motoring organisations, ensure that every single dollar invested in the EV market has maximum ROI.