The importance of compliance

If you’re an EV owner – or interested in becoming one – you will be regularly handling electrical equipment that has the capacity to cause serious injury.

From DC fast charge points at public car parks, right through to a 10amp household power point in your garage, being able to safely and securely charge your electric vehicle is vital to it’s efficient use.

Therefore, it’s important that the electric vehicle charging system you use is completely compliant with Australian and New Zealand safety regulations.

All EV Alliance members who design, manufacture, supply or install electric vehicle charging infrastructure or other electrical equipment are fully compliant with all relevant local electrical safety standards.

That means they are a:

  • Responsible supplier that is ERAC Registered – All our members are, not everyone else is!
  • Only use, recommend, supply and install products that are RCM and NZ Worksafe compliant

There is more information about electrical safety compliance in New Zealand here, and for Australia here.

If you have any questions about electrical safety compliance with regards the electric vehicles, please get in touch and we’ll be able to help you.

Installations – Residential and Commercial

It should go without saying that any electrical work should ONLY be performed by a licensed electrician with experience in the EV sector.

An electric vehicle is likely to be the largest appliance you will have in your home and a car charging will pull significant current for a long time. As a result the standards for installations are dedicated and markedly different to just about every other appliance in your home.